Tuesday, May 12, 2009

An update from Alisha's mom!

This is Alisha's mom again. Well all I can say is Alisha must be very, very busy because I have never met anyone who likes taking pictures more then her, and yet she still hasn't posted any of them yet, not even on facebook. I have found her to pop up in some of the other blogs though, if you check out John Wrights blog and David and Jayne Schooler which you can get to by clicking on it on the left side of this blog. They both have her on there. At least it is some sort of small update about her but just not from her. I did talk to her yesterday afternoon, which was Monday night for her, and she said she couldn't believe all the places that she had been to that day. She is amazed about the things she is seeing, and she is already saying she wants to go back there, and she also wishes she could stay there a month instead of 11 days. Alisha seems to be falling in love with the children there. She hasn't spent as much time as we thought she would in the Tokmok orphanage, but instead yesterday she spent time meeting some people in a local village. These people don't have much, and they need a lot of help. I think Alisha was touched by what she saw. On her Tuesday it looks like she spent the day in Bishkek visiting many different places. Check out the blogs on the left for details. Well hopefully Alisha will be getting some time soon to post pictures and updates so we can all see what she has been doing, until then I'll keep updating myself when I here from her.

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