Wednesday, May 13, 2009

busy busy busy!!

hello everyone!! omg have i had a jam packed 2 days!! i love it here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!i have fallin in love with this beautiful country and beautiful people that fill it! they may not have much ... but some how they still find joy in the simple things!! my heart aches for them and i want to take everysingle one and cram them in my 4 huge suitcases and bring them to the US to show them what the other side looks like!! and just allow them to live in the luxury we all live in so unknowingly!!! I have been so many places!!! so much to tell!!! but starting with tues i got to go the the hospital and see a boy who is waiting for a cleft palate surgery!! i hope he gets it soon. they have postponed because of a raspy cough!!! he's a beautiful child and deserves a beautiful smile!! we gave some donations of food and other sort to his family!! they both were just beautiful happy people!! i had the delightful experience of meeting two wonderful women from the US betty and christie!! they are amazing people and were with us all day tuesday in tokmok!!! they went to the hospital with us and to Andrews old orphanage!!! It was such a wonderful experience!! seeing where he was and all the lovely women who took care of them!!! They are all such good people!!! we shared many hugs and kisses!!! after that we went to a place called swetley pou (excuse my horrible russian spelling) and this is where they take kids who are homeless or have run away ... and they are caught by the police and brought to this home! this home is usually filled with 40+ children... it is made for fourty children!! but amazinlgy this place was so beautiful and nicely kept and the children all loved it there!! there was nothing but smiles!! i fell so hard for those children!!! this one girl imparticulary... she's 13 and very skinny.. her clothes dont fit completely and she came over to me and helped me shop through their souvenir shop (the money goes to the children) she helped me out... and then after gave me a bracelet she made as a gift!! i loved it and hugged her!! i then found out she has only been there 3 days... and was found in the bazaar... she was beaten severley and cant move her arm now... when she told me this i just hugged her... this girl simply smiled... when her world is so crushed and screwed up... my heart just breaks... she doesnt deserve this... on my way out she ran behind me and held me so tight! i turned around and just hugged her for a while!! we left and exchanged one of the few russian words i know POKA (bye) over and over again!! i decided i have to go back. so i will be going back there monday and doing crafts with these children!! i told her to stay there!! these children are so beautiful!! after that we went to eat and the power went out .... hence no updates or anything... or even shower or washing my hands .... (ughhh lol )
now on to today!! lol! this morning we went to the nursing home where me and azelbeck played guitar and sang for these 5 senior ladies who are homeless and stuck at this home.. for atleast an hour!! they were all so wonderful and thankful to have a place to live!! my heart goes out to the workers at all these places knowing that they barely get enough\ food to survive but they go ahead worrying about the widows and homeless and orphans! it amazes me! their hearts are so big!! after that me and azelbeck and the son of the lady who owns the nursing home played soccer ball ( they call it football) with the balls i bought to give the village children!! i ended up giving him one! and i'm certain it made his day! we then went to a church founded by this beautiful women! we were suppose to serve food but when we showed up she just prepared food for us!! so we ate talked and sang!! so much fun!! they are beautiful people!! after that we went to lunch and this wonderfull ladies house! who has been so much! but is still so kind! we saw her donkeys and lil chicks!! os so so cute!! :) aftter that we went to dinner at the ladeis house who works and the mens invalid home (disabilities) she cooked us a wonderful meal and then we went off to the village!! at the village we made crafts with the children!! my poor girls purse was so screwed up... lol i thought i was crafty... maybe not... :( ha ha then i ended up talking to these wonderful girls who were in 6th and 8th grade ... after crafts we went to play volleyball in a circle! that ended up into a circl of 20 village people! adults too! all smacking the soccer or volleball (which ever one wasnt mud covered from the sides of the road) around! laughing are butts off when someone would get an amazing save or miss or fall or get hit!! I had so much fun! and i was glad to see these people who have so much worry and stress in their life! just kick back and have some fun for once!! they were all so much fun!!!! :) i enjoyed it thoroughly! after that i went back to johns and watched a movie! like almost everynight!! (tonight was an english one!!!!!!! whoot whooot!!!) and then i came home!! unfortunitely all this food is taking its toll on my stomache :( and i do not feel well! sorry for my horrible grammar its 12:15 and i dont feel well! please be understanding!! i have tried to upload pics but it hasnt worked so someone will be hleping me later on!!! well i love and miss you all!!! poka poka!

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  1. loving your updates and photos. Wish I was there. Last night. (3am for me) I was able to talk briefly to Asylbek and Acel on facebook. It made my day!Hugs to everyone!! Tell John I said Strasdutz!