Tuesday, April 21, 2009

18 days!!!!

Hey everyone!!! It's been awhile! i'm sure you are all dying to hear the newest happenings!! Well the first thing I would love to share is that I have officially raised enough money to go over seas and even enough to build an entire play ground!! I am so excited! i know that this will bring so much joy to the children!! This is something that will stay with them even after I leave!!! I am also looking to take the kids to an amusement park one of the days!! we are still trying to get more money so I can do as much possible as I can!! everything is just falling into place!! I love it!! I have also booked my flights!! I am going with a group of college students from illinois!! I will be leaving MAY 8TH (18DAYS) Which is not very far away!!! I am also excited about our flight plans... they are very nice and not too many lay overs!! which is a beautiful thing!! I will be flying from cleveland to chicago to london to Kyrgyzstan!!!!!!!!!!!! yeah!!! I'm pumped about the London part!! I know I won't be able to see the city! but atleast I'll be able to say I was there! and hear there cool accents!! ha ah! :) Well I will be posting a lot more starting now!! since there is so much happening all at once!!! Thanks everyone for all the help and encouragement!! It means so much!! Love you all!!!!!!