Friday, May 8, 2009

Ready or not Kyrgyzstan here she comes!

This is Alisha's mom, and she wanted me adding a post giving everyone an update. We dropped off Alisha at the airport this afternoon, and she is well on her way to Kyrgyzstan. It was funny when we got there the lady checking her luggage never heard of Kyrgyzstan, and she was quite puzzled on why a teenage girl would be going there. It has been a bit of a stressful week, but I knew I would be relieved once she got on that plane. There has been so many things to do, to finalize everything and get everything packed. It was a bit of a puzzle packing everything, and unfortunately we pulled out the peanut butter from one of the luggages, that was for Dave and Jayne Schooler and put it in the carry on, because the luggage weighed to much. For some reason they wouldn't allow the peanut butter to go on the carry on. I was so bummed. I'm sorry Jayne I know you wanted some peanut butter!!!!

It was hard saying goodbye to Alisha today, but I have a peace about what she is doing, and I know she will come back a better person for going. There is no way to go to a country like Kyrgyzstan and not change.

Alisha I want to let you know that I love you and I'm proud of you for thinking outside the box. You are willing to do things most kids your age would never dream of. You are a great daughter and a great sister. I'm so grateful that I have you for my daughter. Take care, and I'll talk to you soon!

Alisha and all her luggage!

Alisha and Josh walking through the airport!

Waisting some time in the airport!

Me sneaking a kiss while I could!

Andrew of course can't give enough kisses!

Andrew trying to be good while trapped in the stroller!

Alisha says goodbye to her sister Megan!

Alisha says goodbye to her brother Andrew!

Alisha says goodbye to her boyfriend Josh!

Alisha says goodbye to her dad!

Me and Alisha say our goodbyes!


  1. I've been thinking of you guys all day, knowing it was her day to leave and how excited and nervous all of you must be. She goes covered in prayers and there are a few in there for you all as well. I know God has great things in store for her there. And, like all of us who have been there, she will never be the same when she returns. Godspeed, Alisha!

  2. So excited for your trip and that this day has finally come! Can't wait to hear that you landed safely and to see pictures once things get moving. You are in my prayers, Alisha! Sending a hug, Kim :)

  3. We just watched your video.. simply amazing. WE wish we could be there to share this adventure with you! We know that God will use you and the people of Kyrgyzstan will be blessed. We think you are terrific. Don't worry... we'll send some peanut butter for Jayne and David with our pastor who will be leaving on Wednesday. And remember, please love our children, take LOTS of pictures.
    love from BEkah, Julie, and Emma. <3