Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Finally Another Post!

This is Alisha's mom posting and well for anyone out there who is still checking Alisha's blog, she did make it home safely, and with a wonderful experience. She absolutley fell in love with the people of Kyrgyzstan and she already talks about going back one day. We are so thankful for everyone who helped make it possible. We especially want to thank Jayne and David Schooler who took her under their belt during there already busy time in Kyrgyzstan. I also want to thank Natashia for staying with her the entire time and translating for her. With you communication was possible for her. I also want to thank Ruby and Lynn Johnston for their graciousness even though they couldn't personally be there. Also we want to thank John Wright for overall making the experience for Alisha in Kyrgyzstan wonderful! You took her to all the right places to touch her heart and spirit. We also appreciate everyone out there who helped support her to go. Without all of you this would of never been possible. She was able to do so many wonderful things with the money that she had. Above is a collection of pictures of her journey in a slideshow. Again thank you everyone for all your help!

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